The Chairman’s Christmas Wine Selection

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Our Chairman’s choice wine selection was carefully curated by our Chairman Edwin Henry Booth.

Booths have been importing wine since 1870 and it forms part of our heritage. Our Chairman worked as a wine buyer in his formative years and its remains a category that he’s very passionate about, devoted to searching for new brands, from smaller, less well known producers.

We’re also proud to have been recently recognised for our own label Booths brand range by Decanter for ‘Supermarket of the year 2017’ and the International Wine Challenge 2018.

This elegant 4 bottle wine selection includes:

  • Château Dresezla Dry Tokaji – A fresh and full bodied wine produced with a blend of grape varieties including 85% furmint from the Tokaj wine region in Northern Hungary. The aromatic yellow Muscat grapes provide a unique and complex dry wine. This is a lovely wine to drink on its own or alongside fish or white meats.
  • Lenza Di Munti Etna Bianco – A refreshing and elegant wine produced using a blend indigenous grapes from Carricante (60%) and Catarratto (40%) grown on the lava terraces of Mount Etna in Sicily, 720m above sea level. The intense aroma includes wild flowers, grapefruit and apple.
  • Domaine Saint Alimant Rasteau – A vibrant, plum and black pepper Côtes Du Rhône red wine from Southern France in the Rhone Valley. This fruity wine was elevated to ‘cru status’ in 2010 for its designated levels of superior quality.
  • Seresin Rachel Pinot Noir – A well-balanced, fresh and medium bodied ruby-purple wine with a delightful mixture of blackberries, black cherries and truffles, with a hint of dark chocolate. The hand is a symbol of strength, gateway to the heart, tiller of the soil, the mark of the artisan, and embodies the philosophy of Seresin Estate.


  • Château Dresezla Dry Tokaji, Hungarian 2015 (75cl, 10.5% vol)
  • Lenza Di Munti Etna Bianco, Italian (75cl, 12.5% vol)
  • Domaine Saint Alimant Rasteau, French 2015 (75cl, 13.6% vol)
  • Seresin Rachel Pinot Noir, New Zealand, 2012 (75cl, 13% vol)

Decanter, wine glass, star, etc. not included.