Booths Ginger Lovers Gift Set

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If you love ginger, or know somebody special who does, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. Our classic ginger basket contains Fentimans botanically brewed traditional Ginger beer alongside our own Booths lemon and ginger pyramid tea infusions. In addition we’ve included Beech’s luxury Chinese stem ginger chocolates, Granny Cools handmade ginger curd and the finest ginger infused milk chocolate biscuits. It’s guaranteed to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Booths Ginger Gift Box


  • Fentimans Botanical Traditional Ginger Beer
  • Granny Cool Ginger Curd
  • Buderim Sweet Ginger Sauce
  • Beech’s Handmade Luxury Stem Ginger Dark Chocolates
  • Booths Lemon & Ginger Pyramid Tea Infusions
  • Borders Plain Chocolate Gingers
  • Booths Cake District Bag

Plate, cup, etc. not included,