White Wine Gift Set

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Two beautiful white wines with lots of minerality and subtle fruit flavours. Presented in a Booths crafted wooden gift box.

Gavi | Italian

Cortese grapes are a speciality of Piedmont, in north west Italy. These delicate grapes produce a medium-bodied wine with a subtle but definite minerality and plentiful apple and pears aromas.

Chablis | French

Made with Chardonnay grapes specially selected for a full flavour by the Brocard family. Our Chablis has the dry, fresh character that results from cool growing conditions in the most northerly wine region in Burgundy. The aroma is flinty and flavours are soft, rich and fruity with plenty of minerality and a juicy bite.



  • Booths Gavi (75cl)
  • Booths Chablis (75cl)
  • Wooden Wine Box